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poem (yes another one)

I want to be happy
I like to grin
With a positive atitude
I might even win

Family is important
I care about them so
I can't even conseive
Of the day they go

When I go to college
Or school out far
I wont see them again
they'll be as far as a star

When I go to do
The thing of my dream
Wether singing on brodway
or making a seam

I'll try to be happy
I'll try very hard
I'll let happyness overcome me
First an inch, then a yard.
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My Next Three Nights in New York!

Okay, late notice (sorry about that) but yes, I’m in New York City right now, getting ready for three events this week. They are:

Talking about comics at The Learning Annex, 6:45-9:30 pm.

Signing and chatting at Barnes and Noble Tribeca, 7:00pm.

Talking about Zot! and comics at the Brooklyn Central Library, 7:00 pm.

Spread the word, pick one (or more!), and I’ll hope to see you soon.
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poem again

Here is a more uplifting poem to balance out last weeks

The song of life
comes crashing down
put on your smile
lose that frown

The beat is coming
dance till you drop
if you always try
you’ll reach the top

Move your feet
the chance you get
it’s all yours
dance till you sweat

Life may be hard
what else can it be
but you can over come it
take it from me

When your out on the stage
and moving about
don’t hold it in
give me a shout

So yell so loud
it will give people a fright
and I will there
to help you with the sight
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A very cute young woman just walked out of the library carrying Eisner's Comics and Sequential Art, and having flipped through McCloud's Understanding Comics.

That's what's missing in so many fangirls and boys: A need to understand the underpinnings of the art. There's entirely too much OMG I WILL DIE OF SQUEE CUZ THAT IS MADE OF SO MUCH AWESOME, and not enough "what makes that awesome?".

She said she'd just read the graphic novel Tricked, and the first webcomic she mentioned was Sinfest.

She was also tall, so to contemplate that after having let her disappear is just too much.

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Only a week before Zot! The Complete Black and White Collection is on sale, and reviews are coming in:

Tom Spurgeon at The Comics Reporter

Gary Tyrrell at Fleen

Greg McElhatton at Comic Book Resources

...and our old friend Barry Deutsch (congratulations to Barry, BTW, for his Russ Manning award nomination for Hereville!)

Reminder: Don't miss the Zot! panel, Friday at 1:30 pm, Room 10 at Comic-Con, and my signing at Dumbrella at 3 pm. And yes, the book will be available at Con.
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Hello every one! sorry it has been so long since I've posted, but here I am with a poem that a wrote. You see, last night I was thinking allot about romance and sadness, so I decided to rite a poem for the young people who are sent off to war.

His words touched deep
as I fell in a state
as he said goodbye
we were laughed at by fate

my eyes melted down
as they closed into his
I tried to let us part
as hard as it is

he needed to sing
the song of love
one last time
before he took off to above

we both new
that soft quiet tune
but why asked I
why so soon

his soft silver hair
so nice to the touch
“please don’t leave”
I begged with it in my clutch

his soul screamed for help
it shouted with rage
his smile was posed
as if on a stage

what should i do
just stand there and watch
what I would do
to turn the pain down a notch

As we were so close
to both our first kiss
the plane came down
and shattered the bliss

he said that he would come back
and he would be okay
but when his team came back
he was m.i.a.
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