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STUFF [Nov. 27th, 2006|12:59 am]
Making Comics Fifty State Tour


Lots and lots of stuff has happened since I last posted. For now I am going to cover a few things in the last few weeks and am hoping to do a series of posts talking about the international parts of our trip. But for now I have a parade of cuts that are just waiting to be clicked on and probably skimmed by viewers since I haven't even written but I already know it and it is likely to be long, pointless, rambley and have pretty much no direction. But click away anyway:

Life is Pandemonium; Our 2nd broadway show

Tickets in hand, Dad, Mom, Winter, Shara, Caroline and I all approached the broadway theater to see The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee. It was dressed up to look like a school stadium of sorts which was pretty cool since decorations were hanging up all over the lobby and the audience like basket ball hoops school symbols and so forth. The stage was quite simple, it consisted of just a bleacher where the contestants sat and then there was a table where the two judges sat.

The show was really amazing. It definitely exceeded expectations. I love the soundtrack but I wasn't expecting something that good. I don't want to give away much but anyone who is in the area it is totally worth seeing. The characters were all extremely likable which I definitely didn't expect. When listening to the soundtrack my least favorite character was William Barfee but after seeing the show he was actually my favorite character. Not only that, every family member and Shara had a different favorite character, which goes to show that a lot of the characters were very likable especially since there are only nine characters in the show. Great show, totally recommend and when you see it take me with you.

Escalators and Elevators the two things that were there before people inhabited NYC; A trip to Macys, Rockefeller Center and the Mac store

So let me just say Macy's is a scary place and when you practically pile three of them on top of each other it is even more scary. But since it was a few days till Thanksgiving and it was there and we had time to kill and a coat to buy we had to go. Kind of overwhelmed by everything Shara and I decided to just ride the escalators up and down the store instead of looking. It turns out the escalators are even more scary. They are the old fashion wood ones so I had the constant fear that they would just fall apart at any second. After a trip up to the highest floor which was I think floor 9 or something, we went back down and then went to the lowest level to go on a search for the cheapest thing on the floor. When we found a water bottle that cost $1.15 I decided that was likely the cheapest thing we were going to find.

Next we went to The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee (look above for more info on that).

Then we went to Rockefeller center. We went to the ‘yet to really have a name’ building that is commonly known as the top of the rock, except for when we first got there we were really at ground level of the rock which just doesn't sound super impressive. We paid to go up another floor to see little exhibits and introductory videos. Then we got into another elevator and went up another 68 floors to get to the observation deck. And then we went on an escalator to the highest floor where we were all able to look at all of Manhattan. It was pretty amazing.

Next stop was possibly the greatest place in the entire world. At first look it could in some ways be seen as an advertisement and nothing more. It was just a clear block of glass and inside is a large Apple logo. But when you get in the middle there is another elevator and you are brought into a 24/7 Apple Store. It was beautiful and even though we spent a few hours in the store I was not bored for a second. When I become a trillionaire the first thing I am doing is buying that Apple Store and living in it, even if it means afterwards I am broke, it was AWESOME.

Interview's, Lectures and a Karaoke Machine; The Kyle Baker Winterview, Talking at NYU and Dinner

So the next day after a little lunch at an Italian place we went to the house of Kyle Baker to conduct the next Winterview. I won't give too many spoilers but I had a lot of fun doing it and I have the feeling that I am going to have fun editing and hopefully everyone will have a fun time watching.

Next we had a talk at NYU. On the way there we got lost and after the cab driver dropped us off we wound up wandering around and we found someone who was going to the talk who had a GPS program in his Palm Pilot and we were able to use that to figure out where we were going. The talk was great fun. I got to see many many people who I knew there and I was also very excited because we were given the new Babysitters Club book since Raina Telgemeier was there. I'm not sure if my presentation was the best I have ever done but I had a lot of fun.

Next we went to dinner and we were able to get a big room since we had a group of 17 with us. Most of the time Shara and I talked. I ordered something off the part of the menu that was labeled Vegetarian which was very comforting. It was very good. When we were done Shara and I decided to order cake but it turned out no one else at the table had ordered dessert so as we ate 15 people stared at us and talked about how they probably should have gotten dessert as well. The room we were in was actually a karaoke room but since we didn't want to pay extra we just stared at the karaoke box the entire time.

Liberty, Heritage and the amazing New York, New Jersey city view; A trip to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island

So like most days I was dragged out of bed cranky and annoyed. We were going to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island tour. I was very reticent since the Statue was way too typical tourist for me and Ellis Island I had learned enough about in school and didn't really need to learn anymore about.

But as said before I was dragged and went reluctantly. I was annoyed that I didn't have a camera and even more annoyed when I saw the very large line to get on to the boat that went to the Statue. But still being dragged I had to go anyway. We got on the boat, bought a few salt pretzels and joked about how they were going to just keep us in the boat and display a video of us going through the ocean so that we thought we were going somewhere and then just let us out and we would go through the fake tour of Statue of Liberty where she was really just a small cardboard sculpture.

At some point the boat really did start moving and in no time we were there. The Statue was pretty much what you expect a large sculpture of a woman holding up a torch. We got some great pictures but over all it seemed like a bit of tourist overload. Next stop was Ellis Island which I had a sneaking premonition was going to be quite touristy as well.

We caught the last boat to Ellis Island and when we first got there I decided that we should all be immigrants coming in so we all picked an ethnicity and proceeded. We saw a lot of the museum. At one point we got to an exhibit about the Holocaust and how the immigrants were coming from there to get away . Then as we were looking Mommy mentioned something about having relatives who had come from Poland onto Ellis Island. Then I looked at her, realization dawning on my face. A few phone calls to my grandparents later, I found out that if it was not for Ellis Island my two sets of Great-grandparents on Mommy's side would have never been able to go to America and even though it was about twenty years before the holocaust that they migrated. They still would have died if it weren't for Ellis Island since they would have been Jewish people living in Poland so the ground I was walking on was the reason for my existence. If the island never existed there would be no me and that was pretty amazing. It made the whole trip feel a lot less touristy since I was standing on a very vital piece of my history.

On a less serious note when we headed back I got to see the city lights at dark and Mommy told me that one of the land masses was New Jersey and one was New York which I though was totally cool.

Media, Meal and Moving; A trip back to NYU, Lunch at Grand Central Station and then driving to Massachusetts

To start off the next day we all went to NYU's media lab like thing where we saw some really awesome gadgets. One of the really cool things we got to see was a mirror that was made out of wood. It was spectacular because with a camera and a lot of wood it was able to produce the silhouette of what was in front of it.

Next we went to Grand Central Station for lunch with Dad's agent, Judy, we had a good time and said good bye to Judy and New York once we were done.

The rest of the day was pure driving and we listened to a Christmas CD we had purchased at The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee. It was a really great CD, the main idea of the CD was for different broadway casts to sing Christmas songs and on one of them they were traditional songs and the other CD was made up songs.

12 hours early; Thanksgiving with cousins, aunts, uncles, parents, friend, sister and grandparent

For 12 years Thanksgiving means waking up going into the living room and watching the Macy's day parade until we all got into the car and drove over to my grandparents (on Mommy's side) house and made food there all day until around 9:00 or 10:00 p.m.. Then we wold have a big dinner with Mommy's parents and her siblings and would then watch a movie and go home. But this year was completely different.

This time we spent the day with a lot of our family members on Daddy's side. We were sharing a hotel with a lot of my cousins and uncle and aunts. We all went to our room to watch the parade. Daddy told us about the Rockettes that weren't so thin downstairs and Brett and Lee (two of my cousins) told us about the sorted love life of Barbie.

But way before the parade was over we had to rush out of the hotel and go to my grandmother's retirement home for Thanksgiving Dinner. It was extremely early so that in the buffet there was stuffing, sweet potatoes and turkey but before you even got to that part they also had eggs, bacon, french toast and so on.

We ate for awhile and then the cousins played improv games for quite a few hours. After that we all got to sing Christmas carols and I had a lot of fun singing them though I tried to not sing too many biblical references just because even if it is holiday inspired I kind of like my Christmas striped of the original holiday meaning.

Next we went back to Nana Mac's room and talked for a very long time, did a little secret santa drawing for when we next meet and then we went back home. It was a lot of fun but very different than what I am used to.

Stranger than Fiction, Grosser than Chicken and Smaller than a Megabyte constrictions; Seeing a movie, going to Subway and a memory crisis

The next day we went to see a movie called Stranger than Fiction. It was a really cute movie and even though it had Will Farell who I do not like as much it also had Emma Thompson and I really like her so that was cool. The movie had a very cute premise and it was very true to it's world which is always good. I also found it funny that Christine Chenoweth (who plays Glinda in Wicked) was in like two seconds and I recognized her instantly.

Then we went to Subway for dinner and I had grabbed a bag of chips and started eating them and looking at the ingredients when I realized that one of the ingredients was Chicken fat I was horrified but luckily I had only taken one bite. It was quite traumatic but I realized later on that usually I got the regular chips and this time they were barbecue and it contained less than 1% of Chicken fat so it is possible that I have not actually consumed any animal.

Next we came home and I had to sit down and work very hard since I was having a serious memory crisis on my computer. I had about a grand total of 42 megabytes free on my laptop and I had an 80 gigabyte drive hooked up to my computer that had about 200 megabytes free. By the end of the night I had cleared up the 80 gigabyte drive to have 24 available gigabytes and 5 gigabytes on my computer so I was very proud of myself.

Morals of the day, don't look in the eye, don't give my sister sugar and don't ever show someone the "first 10 minutes of a movies" if you plan on going to bed early; The Zoo, Dinner/Lunch thing at Pin-what-cha-ma-hoo place and watching another movie

So Alice, Mommy, Winter and I all went to the zoo. I was kind of annoyed since it was sunny but it was a lot of fun. We got to see a wide assortment of animals and Winter has pictures so you should check those out. I think one of the funniest things was that we saw a jeep that was built so it was only half there and if you got inside of it you could look into the lions cage. But when looking from a different angle it looked like someone had driven the jeep through the glass and the lions had attacked it. I joked to Mommy about how that person must have looked into the eye.

Next we went to Pinara bread (I think that is what it is called) and Mommy and Alice made the mistake of putting the kids at our own table so Winter did everything she could to embarrass me and Shara.

Next we went back to the hotel with Alice and the adults started to talk about the movie Down with Love and they wound up going to watch the first 10 minutes and then we all decided to finish the movie. I had a lot of fun watching it again and Alice enjoyed it, I love the movie so it was nice seeing it again.

Friendly's and Peking Garden; a lunch and dinner with friends

So then there was today. Though the beginning was boring, around noon Mum's friend Cherie and her daughter Jackee came to the hotel. The 7 of us went to Friendly's and we had a great time. I got a veggie-burger and Shara and I shared a chocolate brownie sundae, monstrosity thing. We had a good time but sadly had to say goodbye to them when the meal was done.

Only two hours later we were on our way to the next meal. We were going to a reunion with a lot of people that Dad went to school with. Also most of them had kids so there was a lot of children running around. The age range was from about 2-12. I spent a lot of the time talking to a girl named Marina who was a joy to hang out with and who I had a lot of fun talking to. We exchanged email addresses and tried to convince our parents for her to take Winter’s place in the family and for Winter to take her place.

And since I went this entire time without mentioning it; VERONICA MARS

(SPOILER ALERT: Clips up to 3.06 but if you have seen up to 3.01 you are probably safe. If you don't know who drove the bus over the cliff and are not yet ready to know DON'T watch.)

[User Picture]From: goraina
2006-11-27 07:37 am (UTC)
There's plenty to comment on here, but I'll choose one thing since it's late: I TOTALLY watched Down With Love last night, too. Random! I had never seen it before, but I liked it lots. So much fun to see retro New York! I love period set and costume design in movies, so it was a treat. :)

Also? What kind of chips have chicken fat in them?! Warn me so I don't accidentally eat them, too. Yuck. :p
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: pineappleinc
2006-11-27 04:19 pm (UTC)
Yay, for liking "Down With Love". I had someone watch "Love Actually" on the same night that I did so maybe I have this weird thing where friends will watch movies that contain the word Love on the same night I am watching the same movie.

Also the chips I ate were Lays Baked Barbecue so if anyone offers you them grab them out of their hands and burn them. Well really come to think of it that might be a little over the top, well if the person who is offering them to you is also a vegetarian you can do that.
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: davidgoldfarb
2006-11-27 07:43 am (UTC)
Like the video, very cute.

Hey, I came up with a theory about this week's coming episode. I'm going to put it in ROT13 to avoid spoiling anybody; cut and paste into http://rot13.com/ if you have no other way to decipher

Fb Qe. Ynaqel gur pevzvabybtvfg unf nffvtarq crbcyr n grez cncre nobhg pbzzvggvat gur cresrpg zheqre. "Va gur cnfg V'ir orra n cbchyne gnetrg," ur fnlf. Zl thrff vf gung guvf vf frggvat hc na nep jurer fbzrbar gnxrf uvz hc ba gung, naq gura Irebavpn unf gb svaq bhg jub qvq vg.

Naq bayl *nsgre* pbzvat hc jvgu gung, qvq V erzrzore gur cebzb sbe guvf jrrx: gung fbzrobql qvrf. Fb vs vg gheaf bhg gb or Ynaqel, V trg gb fnl, "V thrffrq vg!".

(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: pineappleinc
2006-11-27 04:57 pm (UTC)
Guvf arkg rcvfbqr vf tbvat gb or gur ortvaavat bs gur 2aq zlfgrel fb vs Qe. Ynaqel jnf gur bar jub qvrq gung jbhyq znxr sbe n cerggl pbby nep. Fvapr Irebavpn unq qrpyvarq gur vagreafuvc ng gur SOV naq vafgrnq jbexrq ba ure cresrpg zheqre cncre gura fur pbhyq orpbzr n yrnqvat fhfcrpg va uvf zheqre. Rfcrpvnyyl vs fbzrbar tbg n ubyq bs ure cncre naq jnf noyr gb qb jung fur unq jevggra. N ybg bs gur snaf unir orra pbzcynvavat nobhg ubj gurl jnag gur fgbevrf gb or zber crefbany, (gubhtu V qb abg gbgnyyl nterr jvgu gurz) ohg fvapr gurer unf orra bayl bar fgbel-yvar va gur ragver frevrf jurer gur bayl ernfba jul Irebavpn vf vairfgvtngvat jnf orpnhfr fur jnf gur bar oynzrq sbe vg. Fb gb frr gung nf n zlfgrel nep jbhyq or ernyyl njrfbzr naq fbzrguvat gung V jbhyq ybbx sbejneq gb naq jbhyq or zber crefbany.
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: davidgoldfarb
2006-12-01 09:41 am (UTC)
Okay, props to Rob Thomas for faking me out. Although partway through I found myself thinking along these lines: "They seem to be setting this up too obviously. I wonder if they'll go for a reversal?" So the ending didn't take me completely by surprise. (But I didn't post about it beforehand, so you'll just have to take my word for it.)
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
From: olafmoriarty
2006-12-02 03:32 am (UTC)


Huz... JUNG? Gurl fnvq va gur cebzb gung fbzrbar jnf nobhg gb qvr? Jul ba rnegu jbhyq gurl qb gung? Bxnl, V thrff gurl jnagrq zheqreznavnpf naq arpebcuvyrf nyy npebff Nzrevpn gb ghar va, ohg V'z ernyyl, ernyyl unccl V arire fnj n cebzb sbe guvf rcvfbqr. Jbhyq VZB unir orra n greevoyr fcbvyre bs na NJRFBZR rcvfbqr.

... and speaking of njrfbzr: Njrfbzr Particle Man mix, Sky (it has that special McCloud quality to it). May I ask what video editing program you're using? Not that I'm able to use it anyway, since I'm guessing it has to be mac only, but hey, should I suddenly decide to realize that dream I have of actually getting myself a mac, it would be nice to know what programs people recommend.
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: davidd
2006-11-27 08:37 am (UTC)

Long, Pointless, and Rambley RULES!

This is the BEST UPDATE YET from the entire Tour!

And the best line from the best update: "I kind of like my Christmas stripped of the original holiday meaning."

You don't post like this very often, but when you do, it's so worth the wait!

And I love your subheadings!

Did you get any photos on the wooden escalator? It sounds pretty cool.

And speaking of cool, a cool thing about being a vegetarian is that chocolate brownie sundae monstrosity things are still on the menu!

Yay for long, pointless, and rambling!
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: pineappleinc
2006-11-27 05:07 pm (UTC)

Re: Long, Pointless, and Rambley RULES!

Wow thanks, I am just amazed you got past the second heading.

Sadly no we did not get any pictures of the escalators. Daddy's camera was running out of batteries and Winter didn't bring hers. Though online I was able to find a picture of the same type of escalator:

(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
From: (Anonymous)
2006-11-27 02:07 pm (UTC)
Many, many years ago I ordered vegetarian chili from a local deli, and realized from reading the ingredients that the pack of saltines that came with it contained beef tallow. As an ingredient, it's fallen out of favor, but with trans fats falling out of favor at the moment, this sort of thing may make a comeback...saturated fats are put in baked goods mostly for texture/mouth feel.

So caveat emptor, I guess. And read the ingredient list, when you've got one.

Jim H.
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: pineappleinc
2006-11-27 05:13 pm (UTC)
That's vaguely unsettling. Since I stopped eating meat, Mom stopped cooking so I have never been able to do the full on check all the ingredients thing. It is pretty hard sometimes and a lot of wait staff really don't care if they are giving a vegetarian something that contains animal fat.
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: ringthebells
2006-11-27 05:57 pm (UTC)
Awesome update. I saw some of the same things when I visited New York in the summer (though I sat outside of the Apple cube and had a snack while my friend went in).
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: artemna
2006-11-28 04:59 am (UTC)
Awesome clip!! :) Were you satisfied with last week's episode? I sure wasn't ...
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: bibliofile
2006-11-28 09:07 am (UTC)
I had to read the whole post because it's very entertaining. I wish that I could compact a few days' activities down to the essentials the way you do.

Also, I just want to say that They Might Be Giants are one of my favorite bands ever. It was weird having them juxtaposed with Veronica Mars -- but in a good way. Brain-bendy things are good.

Doesn't everyone want their own 24/7 Apple store to play in?
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: cleahpatra
2006-11-28 06:32 pm (UTC)
NYC: Gosh, I want to go to the giant Mac store so very badly. That and the Nintendo World Store (they're both in NYC). Hopefully I'll get to go sometime in the New Year - I like your description of the store though. Living in it almost sounds like a super-hero or villain.

Thanksgiving: Happy Thanksgiving!

VM: I was a so psyched about the most recent episode ("Lord of the Pi's) because it had so many Big Lebowski references, that I didn't mind the previous episode so much. But what is up with Mac missing from all the episodes? I hope she's coming back soon.
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: ferretdad
2006-12-01 04:19 am (UTC)

So most post, so little time...!

Nice post!

Re: Spelling Bee; I take it the multiple-characters-per-actor didn't really bother you? Your enthusiasm piques my interest!

Re: Escalators, etc.; I don't know if your Dad ever encountered these, but one of the stops on the T (MBTA) use to have a wooden escalator where the steps were slanted down. I think it might have been South Station, and I recall that it was a pretty long escalator. Felt solid as a rock, but I was scared that I'd slip and slide down the escalator, taking down everyone behind me!

I've never been to the top of the Rock. I've been to the top of the (late) WTC (RIP); but that was so high, I think the view was kind of impersonal. The roof walkway was also set well back from the actual edge of the building, so you couldn't see much in the foreground. I think you probably got a better deal.

I wouldn't want a whole Apple store to myself. I wouldn't mind sharing one with three or four friends, though. Maybe we could all chip in?

Re: Christmas stripped of the original holiday meaning; Oddly enough, I've found that as time has passed, I want rather more of the original holiday meaning. Well, not the original original pagan holiday meaning -- the other one. But I think I understand where you're coming from.

Re: Memory Crisis; WARNING! Less than about 5 GB is hang or crash territory on OS X! Don't go there! Just don't! But congrats on clearing up that much space!

Hey, Scott! Was that an LHS reunion? Was Marina David M's Marina? That would be cool!
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: ivy_rat
2006-12-02 05:45 pm (UTC)

Re: So most post, so little time...!

Yes it was an LHS reunion, and yes it was David M's Marina, and why weren't you there?!

I missed you.
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: ferretdad
2006-12-05 05:33 am (UTC)

Re: So most post, so little time...!

EEeeps! I'm so sorry! I completely forgot about the reunion thing you'd told us about on the way to Salem! My wife remembered when I told her about Marina & Sky. That's so typical; she remembers the important stuff, I remember the saga of the hand-me-down laptops...!

We miss you, too!
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