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Yesterday was mostly boring but at the end of the day we were met by an awesome waitress. I also made a really nice girl out of clay with a beautiful black dress.
Also please read the first, second AND THIRD chapter of Ancla is Posessed

Once a beautiful princess named Orpill lived. Her parents passed on when she was four. They led the Tablet War to victory, but died in the process. The land of Tarble went 21 years without a king or queen. Finally at the age of 25 Orpill McRinder became queen. She married Ira, the prince of Celermit. One day Orpill got pregnant.

A royal naming ceremony was held in honor of the new princess. ”Her name shall be Ancla,” Orpill said. She was 30 when she got pregnant, and knew every individual by name except for one. She was beautiful, she had a gold and silver veil and was holding a gray prism. She stepped up to Ancla and opened a little a door in the prism. A huge dragon came out and opened its mouth. A blue gas was formed between them. When it faded there was a blinding light and the girl with a veil, the dragon, and Orpill where all gone. The villagers were all scared, but raised Ancla as the village's royal baby hoping the dragon didn’t curse Ancla.

By the time she was 4 she could already read and write, but she never smiled and always was sad, however the villagers did not notice Ancla's full, black eyes.

After 4 years of travel the prism containing the dragon, the girl in a veil and Orpill finally reached the 9th dimension. Once Orpill regained consciousness she lifted up the veil on the girl.

When the girl woke up Orpill said, ”Why did you have the dragon attack Ancla!”

The girl paused and said under her breath “I was under a spell by the demon Elish, he lives in a deep cave in the hell dimension. Now he has my soul and I can never rest in heaven.

Growing up, Ancla was always in her own world. Everybody tried to comfort her, or cheer her up but nobody succeeded. She always told people it was because she never met her mom or grandma.

The village built a memorial for Orpill and her mom, Cilis, on Ancla’s command. Though they didn’t have a body they did have information about them and filled the place whith orchids, Cilis’ favorite flower.

“I’ll help you get your soul back so you can rest in piece,” Orpill said “Mom.”

“How do you know who I am?!” Cilis replied

“How couldn’t I, you’re my mom. I saw you last when I was 4 and then you died but you’re my mom! You said that breaking this thing brings us to hell, so be it.”

Orpill took the prism out of Cilis’ hand and smashed the glass in her bare hands, and as the blood dripped down from her hands, hell was unleashed into the 9th dimension.

On Ancla's 16th birthday she got the Cimelin crown, and a feast was held in honor of the new princess. She got a beautiful new outfit with a gold collar/choker, and enbroidered stripes. Along with silver shoes. At night, Ancla went outside and stared at the stars praying that one day her mom would come back to meet her only child. Ira came out to join her and wrapped his hands around her and told her not to worry.

“I am not worring pa-pa I just wished they actually loved me. “

“Your mom was a beautiful young lady who loved you very much but was too caring and she probably died for that exact reason.” Ira told Ancla.
A green light formed around her. Stars came down and trapped Ira and started squeezing.

“Nobody talks about my mom like that!” Ancla yelled. She ran away, and the stars ran after her. She tripped and fell splat on her face. When she woke up she was covered in blood from head to toe. And though she thought she had died and went to hell she was actually in the 9th demension

Ancla walked through the fiery fields to a big mountain far in the distance. When she reached the top there was a little hole. Ancla peeked inside and a black snake with red eyes came out of the hole straight into her eye. Then it leapt out and glared then went back in the hole. The blood dripped down from her face and the stars caught it, and turned red. When she was going down the hill she tripped and fell so far down she almost hit the fire but an old lady with a torch broke her fall.
“H… h… how h… who… a… are… you.” Ancla said barely breathing.
“My name Grilica. I come from north of Elish castle. I one of few survivors from Binca Runaway’s club. Help me find Orpill and Cilis so me can purify soul of Cilis."

“See the cottage up there,” Ciles pointed to a little brick cottage next to a hill “that’s were Elish lives.” A crescent moon appeared in front of Orpill and started changing into a full moon. Then shielded them from a flying arrow.
“That’s them Ancla. It’s Elish and Cilesem!” Grilica said.
“Hungry stars don’t rest in bed, Hungry stars go straight to their head!” Ancla chanted. The red stars did attack Orpill and Ciles but knocked them out instead of killing them. Ancla was out of strength and used her remaining power to cast the spell, and then collapsed right at the “real" Elish's feet.
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