August 4th, 2008

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My Next Three Nights in New York!

Okay, late notice (sorry about that) but yes, I’m in New York City right now, getting ready for three events this week. They are:

Talking about comics at The Learning Annex, 6:45-9:30 pm.

Signing and chatting at Barnes and Noble Tribeca, 7:00pm.

Talking about Zot! and comics at the Brooklyn Central Library, 7:00 pm.

Spread the word, pick one (or more!), and I’ll hope to see you soon.
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poem (yes another one)

I want to be happy
I like to grin
With a positive atitude
I might even win

Family is important
I care about them so
I can't even conseive
Of the day they go

When I go to college
Or school out far
I wont see them again
they'll be as far as a star

When I go to do
The thing of my dream
Wether singing on brodway
or making a seam

I'll try to be happy
I'll try very hard
I'll let happyness overcome me
First an inch, then a yard.
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