September 14th, 2006

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We have done surprising little in the Boston area

I have not posted in a few days, and I do not have a good excuse, but I will attempt to make up for it.

We are staying outside of Boston in Peabody, close to Scott's mom. We arrived at midnight Sunday/Monday and I am frankly amazed at how little we have done here. Monday was spent doing laundry and not much else. We went to Nana Mac's (Scott's mom's) and had dinner with her, it was by far the highlight of the day.

On Tuesday, the plan was to leave Scott alone to do work while the girls and I played. But in the way of many best laid plans, it did not happen. I think I have mentioned that Sky was having trouble with her laptop. This has proved to be a huge complication, as she is the one doing all of the editing of both the podcast, and the Winterviews. We had planned to get her to the Apple Store in NYC which would have been cool as it is open 24/365, and it would have been fun to see it, but, again, it was not to be. Instead we finally took it in here on Tuesday. Scott had to come along, as he has much more understanding of what the problem is, as well as what he is/was willing to do to solve the problem.

In the end, the solution that we decided on was to buy an external drive to transfer the contents of her laptop onto, so that they could take it away and see if they can fix it. They think that it needs a new motherboard, and they are likely to wipe the hard drive in the process of fixing it. Since Sky really can't be without a computer for the week to ten days that it will take to fix (especially since we will not be in town in a week to ten days, so we would take even longer to get it back), we did the only thing we really could do, and bought her a new machine. Oy. She has coveted the new black MacBooks so we got her one. It is very shiny and new. And black. We decided that Sky would work off the price by not getting the money she was trying to talk us into giving her for doing her presentations. She does her first presentation today at MIT.

So, in the end, Tuesday had been spent sitting in the Apple Store watching Sky try to save all her files to the new drive. This took a very long time, as many of the files were corrupted and the process was slow going. When we weren't in the Apple Store, we were getting the girls eyeglasses. Sky had a prescription that needed to be filled, and Winter had broken hers and needed to have them replaced. I now have two very cute, bespectacled daughters.

The mall took all day. All day. After the mall we met Nana Mac and went out to dinner. We went to one of Scott's favorite restaurants, Bertucci's, but instead of going to one of the ones that was very close to our hotel, or to Nana Macs place, we went to one in Beverly. That fact will be important later. Dinner was lovely. Again, it was the best part of our day. Well, Sky might think that the best part was getting the new laptop, but...

That brings us to yesterday, Wednesday. Again the plan was for the girls and I to disappear and let Scott work, and again, that didn't happen. First, Sky decided that with the new laptop, she needed to work on her presentation for MIT, so she was going to stay in the room with Scott, and Winter and I were going to play. Then she discovered that she had somehow managed to not copy her presentation, and they needed to run back to the Apple Store to retrieve it off the old computer, which was luckily still there. Then we thought we should eat some lunch, which is when Scott discovered that he had left his credit card at Bertucci's the night before. You remember, the one not close. So Winter and I dropped Scott and Sky off and we went to pick up the credit card. When we got back, I took Winter to the pool to give the "workers" some more time.

We were going to go to the Museum of Science, so that I could see my friend who still works there (I used to, she was my boss), and to see the museum, but she called to say that it was closed, though I don't know why, so so much for that idea. In the end, we wouldn't have had time.

When it was time for dinner, we went back to Nana Mac's, and this time we were joined by Scott's sister, her husband, their kids and Aunt Martha, who is Scott's Dad's sister. Sky had been thinking about staying "home" so that she could get work done, but in the end, she came with us. I think that she was glad she did. The girls rarely get to see their cousins, but when they do, they always have a really good time. It was amazing to see how big they have gotten, it has been way to long. We are planning to see them again for the holidays. I think that is one of the nicest things about the trip. Now, if I can only get to see my friends who I miss terribly, but still haven't seen yet.

My mantra for this week: We will be back, we will be back.

So, now it is on to MIT, Scott and Sky will both be presenting. It will be much fun, and it will be the first time we've gotten anywhere near the city this trip. See all of you who make it there.

Oh, PS. In a week to ten days we will have an old laptop, whose motherboard has just been replaced, that we will need to sell, so if anyone is interested, let us know.

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Boston Update!

Here's that info again, with times for the MYP signing.

Thursday, September 14
Cambridge, MA
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Lecture, 5-7 pm

Saturday, September 16
Cambridge, MA
The Million Year Picnic
Comics Store Signing
2-4 pm


The Library Journal review is out!:

“Like his previous books, this is thoughtful, fascinating, stimulating, potentially controversial, and inspiring...”

If the rest sound like that, we're in good shape.