Ivy (ivy_rat) wrote in mccloudtour,

What a magical day

We left late yet again, heading towards Urbana, Illinois, which is where Scott will be speaking tomorrow. After driving a very short way, I suddenly realized where we were and told Scott that in just a bit we would be passing Neil's place. I also mentioned that he was back in the states last I had read. This was too good an opportunity to pass up, so Scott called. He got a few machines, but as we delayed (read: pumped gas) Neil called. We invited him to lunch, but he had eaten and insisted that we come to his place and he would feed us instead.

So we did, and he did. Turns out that the only reason he was in town was because a prominent director, who shall not be named, flaked on a project that he was supposed to do with Neil, and so Neil was around and not whisking off to L.A. as he would have been if said director hadn't decided to flake.

Neil cooked us food, gave us a tour of all the rooms that had changed since we had last visited, and forced me to watch the first episode of this seasons Dr. Who (he didn't have to twist my arm very hard, admittedly).

He signed and doodled on the copy of the book that Sky is having everyone sign for the CBLDF auction. He was Winterviewed (though, as always, Scott and I did not see any of it), we hung out with Lorraine while they were Winterviewing. He played us music on his cell phone.

It was a great day. And I didn't even mind that we stayed four hours instead of one and that I had to drive until 10pm so that we could get close enough to finish the drive tomorrow.

We have bribed the children to get up early tomorrow by promising that we will go Cracker Barrel in the morning if they get up early. Unfortunately this works well for Sky, but it does not thrill Winter. Oh well. Hopefully they will get up early and we will get out at a more reasonable time. It is 1:00am as I write this, so one can only hope they will sleep enough to get up early enough...We got as far as Madison, WI. Tomorrow Urbana.

Thanks Neil, we had a great time.

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