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[Sep. 15th, 2008|09:16 am]
Making Comics Fifty State Tour


Decatur, Georgia - Tuesday Night!

Sorry once again for the late notice.

I'll be speaking at Agnes Scott College in Decatur, Georgia tomorrow night. I'll try to post a little sooner next time. It's been a crazy month!

[User Picture]From: ninjaboyjohn
2008-09-16 07:33 am (UTC)
That's awesome - my girlfriend went to Agnes Scott (actually, being a Georgia Tech student, most of my girl-friends went to Agnes Scott!) I hope you have a good turn out and time to enjoy their beautiful campis!
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From: (Anonymous)
2008-09-17 04:47 pm (UTC)

Great lecture!!!

Last night was worth it! Thanks for the energy and enthusiasm for material that you've probably gone over a thousand times before.

Was there a panel discussion the next day?
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